Our Golf Tournament a success with almost a total sell out.  The weather for the most part held off.  It could have been quite damp. Tom C auctioned off a couple of the remaining prizes at last weeks meeting.
Visiting Rotarian Isaac Arulappan, a club member from India, thanked our club for being involved with a matching grants water project.
Axalta (formerly Dupont) will be hosting an open house on Saturday September 27th from 10 am until  for tour of the plant.  A number of members are planning on attending.
The Rotaract Club of Durham College have issued an invitation to attend their 2nd annual "Rotary And Rotaract Scholars Fundraising Reception"  The purpose is to raise funds for the student success fund for students with financial needs at UOIT.  Last year they raised $34,000.00 with a matching grant from UOIT for a total of $68,000.00. The event is being held  November 13th at 6:00 pm.  Further details at rotaract.dc.uoit@gmail.com.
The District conference is being held October 24-25.  More details to follow.
Our ever elusive Queen of spades is still up for grabs. Lon, who had a mile long string of tickets, and Lola Leon (guest) both pulled wrong cards and the pot lives on for another day.  Pot is approaching $400.00.  Will someone be very happy this Thursday?  Be there to find out!
Past President Randy was collecting for the up coming Presidents walk which I believe is this Sunday in Toronto.  Contact Randy for specific details.
This week's speaker was Linda Butson from  Jennifer Ashley Children's Charity.  This charity has helped over 11,500 children over the past 25 years. They assist approximately 100 children per year with serious illnesses. 
Oct. 29  BINGO
Nov 6    Paul Harris Dinner
Nov 29  Bingo
Some one did win the wine, but unfortunately the winner's name jumped off my notes or my memory failed me.  I do know they did not have to donate it to the golf committee.
Your Bulletin editor will be on vacation for the month of October,  the bulletin will continue to be published if there are a volunteer ot 2 that will take notes at the next 4 meetings, and email them to me.
Yours in Rotary
Steve King