With the new month - July 1 - starts one more New Rotary Year, the Rotary Year 2011 2012- that's Rotary always looking ahead; always working for a better future.

Under the direction of the new Club President, Don Brewer, a new Board of Directors has been unveiled.  

Check out their names on the bulletin on our homepage.

You will know some of these names.   Others are brand new - brand new to their new responsibilities in Rotary.    In some cases, almost as new to Rotary; but ALL  imbued with that commitment to Rotary which has distinguished Rotary for over 100 years and which  underlays the successes and achievements of Rotary in that period.

A recent Speaker at the Ajax Club departed from his script to express his admiration for the work done by "ordinary Rotarians", enhancing less fortunate lives round the world.

That might be Rotary's slogan ........... "Ordinary People doing Extra-ordinary things through the power of Rotary!"

If it comes to that, why don't you consider adding Rotary membership to your life?

Yes!  I know!! Your life is already busy!!    Too busy to lend a hand - and a few moments from time to time - to transform lives that aren't fortunate enough to share the excitement of busy-ness like yours?